Sahabhagi Vikash Abhiyan


Year: 2016

  • Completed registration of 40 Farmers Producer Companies in 19 districts of Odisha and initiation of Business Activities.
  • Setting up of a Vegetable and Onion aggregation centre at Bilenjore, Dist – Nuapada(Odisha)

Year: 2015

  • Responsibility as POPI of NABARD and promotion of 40 FPOs in 19 districts of Odisha.
  • Organized State Level Training on Zero Budget Agriculture with Padmashree Subash Palekar, at Konark.

Year: 2014

  • Started IWMP in Jharbandha block with support from Government of Odisha
  • Promotion of SPCL in Nuapada district with support from ProCIF.
  • Campaign to restructure P.R.I.s in Odisha.

Year: 2013

  • Initiation of WADI Project in Sinapali block of Nuapada district.
  • Initiation of a project to promote Pigeon Pea cultivation in Rainfed areas of Nuapada and Bolangir districts in collaboration with ICRISAT.
  • Campaign for Bio-diversity Conservation with support of SWISSAID.
  • Promotion of Odisha Coalition for Panchayati Raj (OCPR)

Year: 2012

  • Launching of campaign for Gram Swaraj and formation of the Odisha Gram Swaraj Sammukhya (OGSS) net work.
  • Expansion of spices processing unit at Bilenjore

Year: 2011

  • Registration of Odisha Producer Company Ltd. (OPCL) – a farmer producer company.
  • Design of 2 MT and 20 MT low cost Onion storage godowns for Odisha.

Year: 2010

  • Extention of SRI in Komna (NABARD)
  • Visit of Mr. B.K. Sinha I.A.S. the then secretary to Government of India to Bilenjore, Borda (Nuapada / Kalahandi) and initiation of a project to prepare Micro plans in 800 villages of Kalahandi and Nuapada districts.

Year: 2009

  • Continuation of SALP/WORLP for promotion of livelihood activities interest in west Orissa.
  • Addition of a storage/processing building for spices unit at Bilenjore.
  • Up scaling of SRI in west Orissa with support from AP Foundation (through PSI).

Year: 2008

  • Continuation of Campaign for sustainable Agriculture and WORLP.
  • Establishment of four mechanized Oil mills through SHGs/Co-operatives in Patamara, Lathore and Sukunipadar.
  • Establishment of Sahayog shops at Borda and Balipada.
  • Up scaling SRI in Kalahandi, Nuapada and Bargarh district with financial support from SDTT (through PSI, Dehradoon).
  • Economic rehabilitation of 1100 families under the project “Good Gift”.
  • Facilitation for preparation of District Comprehensive plan for Nuapada district with PSI.
  • Survey of Fluorosis in Kalahandi district.
  • A study on the problems of displaced people in various projects of western Orissa.
  • Associated in Project “Dhakhyata” to train the elected representatives of PRIs.

Year: 2007

  • Enactment of the Forest Right Act (2006), campaign for effective implementation of the Act in SVA’s area of operation.
  • Up gradation of the Food processing units at Bilenjore.
  • Confirmation of the project, SALP, GSA,WORLP.
  • Campaign for Fluorosis mitigation in Nuapada district.
  • Campaign to expand area under Sunflower,Onion and Mango plantation in western Orissa.
  • Up scaling of SRI through various NGOs in Orissa. Government of Orissa gets involved in promoting SRI in a big way.

Year: 2006

  • Introduction of S.R.I in Bargarh,Nuapada and Kalahandidistricts.
  • Continuation of WORLP activities in Khariar (Nuapada) Saintala (Bolangir) and Narla (Kalahandi) blocks.
  • Survey of all drinking water Tubewells in Nuapada district to detect fluoride contamination and Awareness programme for prevention of fluorosis in West Orissa.
  • Strengthening of women’s Self Help Co-operatives in different districts. Establishment of Rice and Oil Mill at Borda (Kalahandi).
  • Promotion of Onion, Sunflower and winter crops in sadar and Narla blocks of Kalahandi.
  • Expansion of spices unit at Bilenjore.
  • Follow-up of Gram Swaraj Abhiyan Activities in 12 G.Ps.

Year: 2005

  • One office cum training centre building was constructed at Bhawanipatna.
  • A small building built at Kerpai (T.Rampur) for staff quarter and training purpose.
  • Extension of Sustainable agriculture programme to Bargarh and Bhatli blocks in Bargarh district.
  • Initiation of Fair Trade Activities, Establishment of rice and Oil mill at Balipada (Kalahandi).

Year: 2004

  • A Fishery programme was initiated and a fish hatchery wasset up at SVA’s Bilenjore campus.
  • A network of Fingerling nursery was created and the first One Stop Aqua Shop of Orissa setup.
  • Victory of the forest dwellers of Muribahal area in a forest case.
  • ‘Sahayog’ market chain was initiated as a compaign for fair trade.
  • Networking with Producers Groups in South India and the Producers Company named ‘Just Change’ initiated.

Year: 2003

  • Survey of forest dwellers having problem of land dispute withforest department, launching of Jungle Bachao Abhiyan (JBA).
  • Coordinating the National Campaign for Survival & Dignity (NCSD) at the state level.
  • Programme on fair trade initiated covering 100 villages.
  • Several micro enterprises and agro-processing units set up.
  • Extension of programme to Saintala block in Bolangir district and opening of a field centre at Saintala.

Year: 2002

  • Launching of Gram Swaraj Abhiyan (Campaign for building Self Reliant Villages.) in collaboration with Peoples Science Institute-Dehradoon.
  • Successful campaign for rehabilitation of the displaced people of Kankadajore Medium Irrigation Project (Titlagarh, Bolangir district).
  • Initiation of Micro watershed development activities in Saintala and Khariar with support from WORLP.(Orissa Watershed Development Mission with funding from DFID).
  • Survey of the fluorosis problem in Nuapada district.
  • Starting of a field centre in Borda of Kalahandi district.

Year: 2001

  • Campaign on drought rehabilitation in Western Orissa and for revision of relief code.
  • Expansion of horticulture activities in Western Orissa.
  • Land purchased at Ranjitpur (Bargarh district) for SVA’s new campus and construction of a storage godown and training centre.

Year: 2000

  • Promotion of Self Help Cooperatives in 6 Blocks.
  • In response to an epidemic in T.Rampur Block in Kalahandi District a community health project was developed which later evolved as an integrated rural development programme.
  • Drought Mitigation Programme in 4 Districts.
  • Setting up of Balipada Centre in Kalahandi District.

Year: 1999

  • Study on the Panchayati Raj Institutions and Programme for strengthening several PRIs in Nuapada and Kalahandi districts.
  • Rehabilitation programme in the super cyclone hit areas of coastal Orissa.
  • Meeting of the delegation with the Prime Minister and other leaders at Delhi for a special long term project for Western Orissa and KBK region. Subsequently planning for WORLP was initiated by the government. Prime Minister announced for 200 days of work in KBK region under EAS.
  • Establishment of a small dairy Centre to Conserve Khariar Breed Cattle.

Year: 1998

  • In response to a drought situation SVA got involved in a campaign for drought mitigation.
  • License system for few NTFP liberalized in Khariar Forest Division which set example for change of State Government Policy.
  • Initiation of action for land settlement in the forest villages of Muribahal blocks.
  • Establishment of Community Seed Banks in different blocks to conserve and propagate indigenous seeds.
  • Lunching of several models of high efficiency manual oil expeller in the name of Jaya bharatee oil expeller.

Year: 1997

  • A survey on the issue of landlessness, migration of agricultural workers and non timber forest produces in several pockets of Orissa.
  • Establishment of a semi-automatic rice mill at Bilenjore. Steps taken to set up several more mini rice mills in different pockets of West Orissa.
  • Campaign for implementation of Bhuria Committee’s recommendations in the Panchayati Raj Act.

Year: 1996

  • Revival of several Community Based Organizations and expansion of operational area to new blocks in West Orissa.
  • Organization of Self Help Groups and a programme launched for capacity building of the Self Help Groups and CBOs.
  • Government repels the act for license system of rice mills at the instance of Supreme Court of India.

Year: 1995

  • Government initiates the long-term action plan for KBKdistricts and most of the proposals of SVA incorporated in the project.
  • SVA was registered under the Society Registration Act and offices set up in Bhubaneswar and Khariar.
  • Campaign for removing monopoly trade license system for non-timber forest produces.
  • Studies on the NTFP and drought issues of Western Orissa.

Year: 1994

  • Campaign for removal of Government license system for rice huller and small rice mills.
  • Marketing of Babool wood through informal cooperatives and formation of Orissa Tree Growers Association (OTGA) to promote Agro-forestry in Orissa.
  • Campaign for removing monopoly trade license system for non-timber forest produces.
  • Rally and demonstration on several issues related to Right to Work, Minimum Support Price for agricultural produces, Rights of farmers on forestland and submission of memorandums to Chief Minister and Governor of Orissa.
  • Provided Secretarial support to the State Level Network of Voluntary Organisation “SANHATI”.

Year: 1993

  • Campaign against the Government restrictions on for inter-district movement of food grain and the control of forest department on agro-forestry species like babool.
  • As a result of SVA’s efforts Inter-district restriction on movement of food grain removed and thousands of farmers got better price for their produces.
  • Babool and some other agro-forestry species were exempted from transit permit system of Forest Department.
  • A survey conducted in 900 villages regarding traditional irrigation system of West Orissa.
  • Proposal to government for long term action programme for West Orissa with emphasis on development of traditional irrigation system.
  • Marketing of Babool wood through local farmer’s groups.
  • A study on the prospect of Onion cultivation in Western Orissa.

Year: 1992

  • Mobilization of farmers and agriculture workers for government relief and measures for Drought Proofing the region.
  • Efforts for organizing small and marginal farmers of West Orissa and various block levels CBOs. Networking the CBOs on the issues concerning Dunkel Draft of GATT (Later on W.T.O).
  • Formation of Paschim Orissa KrisijeeviSangh. (Western Orissa Farmer’s Association)
  • Campaign on the Dunkel Draft and mobilizing Public opinion against the New Economic policy of Government of India.