Sahabhagi Vikash Abhiyan

Sustainable Agriculture:

Promotion of Blue Green Algae: Effort by SVA

Organic agriculture practices now a days has become a buzz word of every Agricultural Scientist, Think Tank, Social Activist, Development Workers and government machinery as well. The challenge before every body is how to enable ordinary farmer to adopt the modern sustainable organic agriculture practices. Blue Green Algae production and its application is one of the organic agriculture practices which adds nitrogen to soil, maintains soil health and creates conducive atmosphere for growth of micro organism. This process is also not very expensive and it is very cost effective.

SVA has constructed two Blue Green Algae (BGA) production units – one at Bilenjore (Nuapada) and one at Bhawanipatna (Kalahandi) with assistance under Rastriya Krishi Vikash Yojana (RKVY) from Department of Agriculture, Government of Orissa. It has the capacity of producing 4.5 quintal of BGA from each unit every year. It has also published literatures for awareness among the farmers regarding use of BGA in paddy.

Blue Green Algae (BGA) production unit at Bhawanipatna, Kalahandi

During kharif 2009, SVA has the plan to provide BGA to about 40 farmers for trial. Subsequently, it will help farmers to set up their own BGA production plant.

Sustainable Agriculture

Keeping to the tradition and commitments envisioned by the founders of SVA, efforts have been made by the governing body and the staff members to enhance our role in promoting participatory rural development. While the efforts are on, but we realize there must be some mistakes/lacunae in our work for as the saying goes, to err is human. It has been and it will be our sincere endeavour to overcome our shortcomings and make a meaningful contribution to the society. Below we briefly present the activities carried out over the year 2005-06.

The economy of the operational districts of SVA is agriculture and forest based. Agriculture in these districts is traditional, rain fed and paddy centric. Livelihood of the people in this region is dependent on Agriculture. The area is drought prone. Periodic drought and large-scale deforestation during the past several decades have seriously affected the livelihood of the poor people in this region. As part of sustaining livelihood of the poor and marginalized sections SVA since from its inception has been promoting as well as advocating sustainable agriculture and organic farming. During the last one year SVA and its associates worked on the followings:

A Farmer in his field

  1. Promotion of Organic Farming
  2. Introduction of cash-crops, horticultural plantation and vegetable cultivation.
  3. Interface between farmers and functionaries of credit/ other institutions.
  4. Processing, Marketing and Management of agricultural and forest produce.
  5. Promotion of Pisciculture.
  6. Exposure visit of farmers and community leaders.
  7. Lobby and Advocacy.