Sahabhagi Vikash Abhiyan

WADI(TDF) Project:

Integrated Tribal Development Programme (ITDP) with WADI approach under Tribal Development Fund of NABARD-2014-15.

With the support of NABARD Tribal Development Funds (TDF) for development in the Tribal Pockets of the Nuapada District of Odisha, the long term Sustainable Livelihood Development Programme was undertaken. The Programme is mostly Orchard based for Landholding farmers and to create income generating activities for land less Farmers & Farmers having less than five Acres of land, for a period of Seven Years.


  • To create replicable models of integrated development of Tribal families on participatory basis, through adaptation of sustainable income generating activities based on potential of the area & Tribal needs.
  • To build and strengthen Tribal Institutions which would enable the communities to be partners in policy formulation, programme execution & bring improvement in their social and economic status

Sahabhagi Vikash Abhiyan started the ITDP project with WADI approach in Sinapali block of Nuapada district from April ? 2013 to March-2016 for 1000 acres of Wadi Plantation. The targets for three years were at 200 acres in 1st year (13-14), 400 acres in 2nd year (14-15) and 400 acres for 3rd year (15-16).During the year the project had active participation of 35 UdyanVikasSamities. The project is Covering 8 GP,20 villages,1078 Households of Sinapalli block. Out of 1078 households, 78 Landless Households are covered by supporting for livelihoods enhancement means like supporting for Poultry &Duckery units.


  • Orchard Development (fruit/plantation/herbal crops/& forest Plants)as the core component.
  • Soil and moisture conservation measures.
  • Water Resources Management(Conservation & use).
  • Sustainable Agriculture.
  • Human resource development(Community development).
  • Women Development through components such as Drudgery Reduction measures, On-Farm And Non-Farm Income Generating Activities and Formation Of SHGs.
  • Community health
  • Micro-enterprises for landless people.
  • Processing & marketing.

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